The two main tools the school uses to communicate student progress with parents are Schoology accounts and homework texts. Schoology allows parents to see all of their student’s grades anytime they wish to do so. The gradebook is “live” or a real time look into teacher’s gradebooks. As soon as a teacher types in a grade it is possible for a parent to see that grade. Students can access this information via their chrome books anytime they wish. To acess schoology click here. If students are having difficulties in accessing Schoology, they should ask their teachers for help.

The second major way the school communicates with parents is with a daily text which includes a list of all the homework that night. If a parent wants to be added to the text list they need to e-mail their phone number and the name of their phone provider (ATT, Sprint, Teen Mobile, etc.) to ?. Her email is ?.

You can get a hold of specific teachers using the contact information below:

Teacher Subject Phone E-Mail
Mrs. Ackley Special Education (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5111
Ms. Austin Spanish (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5105
Mr. Barto Science 7 & Accelerated Science (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5118
Mrs. Estrada Spanish (716) 532-3325 Ext. 6219
Mrs. Fox Family & Consumer Science (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5130
Ms.Geist English Language Arts (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5104
Ms Herc Special Education (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5219
Ms. Jackson Math (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5108
Mrs. League Special Education (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5116
Mr. O'Donnell Social Studies (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5109
Mrs. Perry ELA (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5123
Ms. Roblee Math & Team Leader (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5120
Mr. Ruzycki Enrichment (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5103
Mr. Schwarzott Technology (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5132
Mr. Wahl Art (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5122
Mr. Thompson Seneca (716) 532-3325 Ext. 5119